Keith Orie Suggests 4 Ways to Be Productive Outside of Work

3 min readNov 26, 2020


How productive are you outside of work? While leisure time is essential, too much of it can result in dissatisfaction with your life. It’s necessary to have goals outside of your career. Here, Keith Orie — a certified life coach from Temple, Texas, reveals four steps to living a more productive personal life.

At first blush, the idea of “productive leisure time” may seem counterintuitive. We usually think of being productive in relation to our job or profession. Leisure time is the antithesis of work, so why should it be productive? Upon deeper reflection, however, you will see that time spent in leisure activities does, indeed, have a purpose — that of recharging our bodies and minds and allowing us to become a well-rounded person. Time away from work is a necessary part of the human experience and should be approached with as much care and design as your profession.

Develop Goals

Not much happens in life without first being set as a goal, followed by a plan to achieve it. Use your time away from work wisely. Think about what you want to accomplish and set a goal supported by a plan to make it happen. If you want to improve your health, for example, use some of your leisure time to work on an exercise plan to accomplish a health goal. If you’re going to learn to play an instrument or speak another language, do likewise. You may find that the organization and planning skills you have developed in the workplace can serve you equally well in your time away from work.

Use Lists

Lists work. Regardless of how you make them — write them on paper or use an app on your phone — lists keep us on track. During moments of inspiration, write down what you need to do to reach your leisure time goals, just like you do to achieve your professional or academic goals.

Incorporate Fun

Don’t forget to have fun. During leisure time, especially, it is essential to enjoy yourself. As the proverb goes, “All work and no play” does, indeed, “make Jack a dull boy,” so don’t turn your time away from work into just more work. Combine what you love with what you want to achieve. If you love reading novels, consider listening to audiobooks on your phone while working toward your exercise goals.

Prioritize Relationships

We can’t always find ways to spend time with our loved ones when working, but this should be a priority during our leisure time. Relationships are what make our lives meaningful and worthwhile, so don’t forgo them unnecessarily. Consider how you can achieve your leisure time goals while having fun with your loved ones. It doesn’t get any better than that!

About Keith Orie

Keith Orie is a certified professional life coach in Temple, Texas, and an owner of Advanced Medical Sales, LLC. He started the company late in college to help medical professionals effectively treat patients through non-invasive pain relief procedures. Mr. Orie understands the value of customer support and has built a team of resourceful professionals to make sure all client queries are responsibly and promptly addressed. The extensive range of medical equipment Mr. Orie distributes includes portable ultrasound machines, electrical stimulation devices, neck traction devices, and more.




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